Get Organic Vegetables Home Delivered.


Join our waitlist to experience the advantages of blockchain technology as it creates a trackable and transparent environment for you to get organic fruits and vegetables from trusted sources right at your doorstep.


Why DirectMe?

Health First

We deliver premium quality fruits and vegetables from trusted sources right at your doorstep. From now on you don't have to worry about the authenticity of your groceries.





All of the transactions are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, making your deliveries fully transparent.

Upliftment of Farmers


With the help of blockchain technologies, we are not only providing consumers with authentic organic produce, but also providing the farmers a better rate by eliminating the middlemen.


Our Process

Register on our application and order high-quality organic food from trusted sellers in the comfort of your own home.

Registration & Order Placement

Bidding Session

After receiving all the orders for the day, an online bidding session will take place, wherein the registered farmers can bid their prices for any of the required items. Our algorithms would then select the winning bidders on the basis of various factors such as the price and past reviews. Such a system will allow both the farmers and the consumers to get the best price.


Order Pickup

A delivery person will be sent for, during collection the parcel will be weighed and after performing all the security checks a block would be created on the blockchain making your vegetables ready for delivery.


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Every time your parcel is transferred from one delivery person to the other a block is created on the blockchain, making your deliveries fully transparent.



Order Delivered!

Et Voila! Fresh organic food items have been delivered to your home through a transparent and trackable system that can be used even while relaxing on the sofa.


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